What is musicforvideo.org?
Musicforvideo.org is a website that offers music licensing and SFX for filmmakers and video creators.


Whom is musicforvideo.org designed for?
The site is designed and intended for filmmakers and everyone else who is involved in video and film production. 

Who creates the music?

All of the music and SFX was created by Tomas Herudek. Read more.


How much does the subscription cost?

One year subscription costs €35. You pay once a year and you can download all the music and SFX for no additional fees.

What can I access with the one year subscription?

With one year subscription, you can download and use every track and SFX pack on musicforvideo.org database for one year (including all the new works that will be added during the year).

How can I access my free tracks?

After you create a profile and pay for the one year subscription, you will be granted an access to the "CODE FOR SUBSCRIBERS" section. There you will find a current promo code for subscribers. Enter this code in your cart ​before you check out and you'll recieve a 100% discount on every track or SFX pack you add in your cart. This code will be updated regularly, so make sure you check out this page every time your old code won't work anymore and get a current one. 

You should NOT share this code with anyone who doesn't have a valid subscription to musicforvideo.org. The license to use the works from this website applies to your or your company name only. Anyone who downloads the music or SFX for free without a subscription plan will use the works illegally. 

Can I use the tracks I download during the one year subscription period after I cancel my subscription?

Yes, every track you download during your subscription from this website is yours for a lifetime. More below.

Is the one year subscription renewed automatically?

Yes. Until you decide to cancel your subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription through your PayPal account. Or you can contact me directly on musicforvideo.org@gmail.com or here.


Can I monetize my video?

Yes. All the music contained here is free for monetizing on every platform (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.).


Is the musicforvideo.org license valid worldwide?



Can I transfer my license?

Even though you can use the song as many time you wish, that applies only to you. The license is non-transferable and there will be written only your name or the name of your company on the license certificate - you cannot transfer the license to other parties. Of course, you can create an AV work for a client, and you can transfer that end product to your client. This license is then transferred to your client (but only in the form of a whole audiovisual work and the client cannot use the music alone in any future project).

Can I edit/re-master the music?

Sure! You can edit a song in order to make it fit your video project.


Do I have to credit the author?

You can credit me, but it´s not mandatory. I would very much appreciate it though. The proper way to do it is to copy this short text and add it in the description of your video:


Music by Tomas Herudek

Song: -- name of the song --


Can I use the music and SFX for any kind of project?

Yes, commercial, non-commercial, video, film, audio podcast, advertisement...The only thing you cannot do is that you cannot re-distribute the songs or claim ownership of the songs. With the "music for video" license you only own the right to use the song in your AV work. You cannot register my music in any store/platform. You cannot make a song or remix with my music.

For more info, check these rules.

Is there an additional cost for use in paid and/or branded advertising?

No. You pay only once. Doesn't matter if you AV work has tens of views or tens of millions of views.

Which platforms can I use the music and SFX on?
You can use the music on every platform and medium that exists today as part of a video or audio production. Plus the license will cover mediums that haven’t even been invented yet. This means that film, TV, virtual reality, video games, mobile, etc are all fair game.


Is the music royalty-free?


How long is my license valid? 
Any song or SFX that you download can be used in a film/video in perpetuity - You will never be asked for any additional fees in the future. 


In what file format is the music? Can I download the track in a different format?

All the songs and SFX are in .wav format. If you would like to download a song in a different format, please contact me.



How do I pay?
You can pay with PayPal.











This track is a fusion of cinematic electro and driving rock. Thunderous beats pulse with heavy distortion in surreal haunting spaces delivering angry, dark and badass-uplifting moods.Uplifting and optimistic song with pulsing beat, playful bells, bright electric guitar and a soft atmospheric beginning. Fresh main melody played by violins is really catchy and will bring energy and happiness to your video.Energic track with dirty sounding guitar and big percussions. Modern rock music that creates energizing anticipation on the beginning and later paysoffwithexplosive chorus. Great for sport and action sequences.
Cool upbeat jazz song. Featuring fast drums with sophisticated breaks, catchy bass riff and simple but novelty piano melody. Sounds smart, classy, cool and little bit comical at the same time.Very dark track with building tension, captivating rhythm and repeating striking deep sound made with bass, cello,
electricguitarand brass. Fits in horrors, thrillers or epic trailers. It´s simple and intimidating.Epic, dark track with big percussions, intimidating brass and synths and disturbing bass and violin tremolos. Songevokescumulation of evil forces on a big scale. Fits in horrors, sci-fi, thrillers or epic trailers.
Lyrical cinematic track that changes mood from sad and defeated to epic and triumphant at the end. Great for artistic, sad, romantic, epic or victorious scenes. Featuring cellos, violins, piano, contrabass and brass.Hardcore/metalcore track that will make your head bounce. Changing tempoandmodern breakedowns withmassive wall of guitars makes this song a great match for sport and action sequences.Colorful collection of my most trending tracks.Dreamy ambient track with an optimistic spark. Great for slow-motion artistic scenes, cheerful or deep thinking sequences.Powerful track with big energic percussions and optimistic melody. Featuring string ensemble and french horns that make this track really sublime and cinematic. Fits in business, travel or aerials videos, big action or triumphant scenes, fantasy or sci-fi movies.Musiclicensing. Simple music licensing. Cheap music forvideo. Affordable music for video.  scary angrypowerfulagressive loud metal industrial serious tense dramatic cinematic dark synth extreme violence sci-fi combat danger fearfitness slow motion industrial industry gaming monster noisy danger adrenaline strong explosion soundtrack film youtube vimeo movie trailer exciting racing flying runningsport epic brutal energy soundtrack fastrythm opening intro closing 
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